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Роман Глушко

  • Phone: +38 050 1728585
  • Phone 2: +38 067 1503275
  • E-mail: roman[a]
  • Skype: realtor_if

 Контакти рыелтора Романа


In the vast majority of cities in Ukraine, including in Ivano-Frankivsk is secondary real estate market covers a large part, on the whole real estate. As a result, more likely to buy an apartment in an interesting area for you and kind - namely, closer to work, shopping and entertainment, park, river, near a particular school or kindergarten.

Buying an apartment in the secondary market, you can immediately begin to do repair it if it is of course necessary. Also, given the pace and number of building new homes in Ivano-Frankivsk (so-called new buildings), you can buy an apartment in a new building is renovated, improved planning, greater total area, new equipment, individual heating and so on.

The big advantage of the secondary market is that you do not need to spend money to repair, given the price of building materials, household appliances (in most cases by agreement remain in the apartment) and furniture.

Our experience, professionalism and responsibility will save you much time and choose the property that you like.

Remember, the best way to invest their money - real estate.

Good luck to you choice.


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