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About the company


Логотип агентства нерухомості Ріелтор


sq. Market, 10, off 4
Ivano-Frankivsk 76018
tel.  +38 0342 501-303
m.t. +38 067 343-80-74

     - +38 067 3438074

          - realtor_if



Agency of real estate «REALTOR» is informative services in direction:

1. purchase-sale:
- to the dwelling real estate (apartments, dwelling-houses, cottages is primary and the second markets);
- to the commercial real estate (gipermarket, shopping centers, shops, minimarket, restaurants, cafe, bars, offices, entertaining establishments, wholesale bases, etc.);
- to the production real estate (integral property complexes, separate workshops, storages, ABK and etc);
- lots lands (under building of gipermarket (from 2 to 5 ga or from 5 to 10 ga), shopping centers, productions enterprises, multistory dwelling-houses, private dwelling-houses, cottages).
2. leases. Accomodation in Ivano-Frankivsk Ivano-Frankovsk. Short term rent of apartments, flats, cottages in Ivano-Frankivsk Ivano-Frankovsk.
Consultative accompaniments at crediting.
Juridical consultations.
Peer review.


Support when you make a contract of sale, loan, etc. Commission us to pay property owners for exclusive contracts. For buyers we have options for all tastes and price range - Large base of real estate conducted in 2006 to help owners quickly and profitably sell your property, whether apartment or a mansion, commercial property or land.

As part of the agency are two certified realtor and a certified appraiser. The agency is part of the Ukrainian Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors USA (NAR).




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