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Urgent redemption

Urgent purchase of apartments

Very often there are situations when you need to sell apartments in Ivano-Frankivsk in as quickly as possible. What to do? After all, in order to find a buyer to spend much time, effort and money.

- Need quality advertising in order to attract buyers;

- It should be professionally organized view apartments or rooms to potential buyers that appealed to you with advertising;

- Prepare the necessary documents for the transaction;

- To organize the order of calculations, coordination and agreement by the parties signing the agreement;

All these actions can not be done without the help of professionals who have to pay a fee for their work.

What is "urgent buy"?

Urgent purchase - a simple and convenient form of fast and safe receipt of funds for the sold flats.

Our agency can buy your apartment for your money in one day.

We do not act as a mediator and as a buyer. This allows you to avoid wasting precious time capabilities to search for potential buyers for selling your item. Preparation of documentation for the agreement we make ourselves.

Calculations carried out on request. We can pay you by money in the bank tab cell. It is also possible the calculation of a signed purchase agreement by a notary.

Urgent purchase by made at below market prices - the disposal price.

Look. We are waiting for you!


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