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#11906: Ivano-Frankivsk, district Posytron - Cascade, Garage sale in Ivano-Frankivsk

5 000 USD (119 USD m²) auction
Property: Garages



type of property: brick separate
type of deals: sale
  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Readiness: new building with repair

  • Total area: 42 m²

  • Floor: 1/2

  • Walls: brick

Additional Information

The first floor of the brick, the second floor of the block, covered with slate, first floor filled with concrete screed, window metal, new garage door with a good lock four anchors, stairs - natural wood, second floor trimmed with natural wood paneling, floor to 2nd floor wooden held light meter Three-phase new.

Contact Information

  • Name: Адміністратор сайту
  • Contact phone: +380 68 0080500
  • Site: admin
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