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City Yaremche again in first place



Departments, enterprises and institutions Yaremche fulfilled "the socio-economic and cultural development of Yaremche in 2011".

According to the results of a comprehensive assessment of the socio-economic development of regions and cities in the region for the first nine months of 2011, as in previous years, the city Yaremche ranks first among the districts and towns that achieved through high levels in all areas of the city, and namely:


1. The rate of increase (decrease) in FDI volumes at the beginning of the year for the I half of 2011 was 106.5%.


2. Investment in fixed assets (excluding investments from the state budget) per unit of population cumulative from the beginning of the year for the I half of 2011 amounted to 3573.0 USD.


According to statistics for January-June 2011 the amount of investments in fixed assets amounted 77038,0tys.hrn., Including:

housing construction - 44100.0 thousand.

LLC "Carpathian stars" - 5000.0 thousand.

Ltd. "Skorzonera" - 10626.0 thousand.

LLC "Carpathian standard" - 4307.0 thousand.


The total cost of investment in housing construction in January-June 2011 - 44.1 mln., Which is 88.7% over the same period in 2010. Commissioning of housing a total area of 13 471m.kv., representing 72.1% of the corresponding period last year.


3. The amount of tax revenues to local budgets per unit of population amounted to 721.6 USD.


In January-September 2011 admission fee provided in the budget of Ukraine in the amount of 35136.4 thousand. That 7439.3 thous., Or 26.9% over the same period last year, including local budgets - amounting to 20976.1 thousand. That 260.6 thousand. less than in the same period last year. In January-September 2011 were received by the local budget 4140.9 thousand. the land tax. Compared to last year revenues decreased by 3684.3 thousand. This reduction was due to the fact that in 2010 the land tax were calculated based on the selling price of land, and in 2011 - with regulatory and monetary valuation of land.


However, the budget losses significantly impacted the abolition of market fee, which is not collected in the markets of the region in accordance with the requirements of the Tax Code of Ukraine.


4.Riven annual assignment collection of own revenues of the Pension Fund Ukraine amounted to 71.49%.


As of 01.10.2011 the budget of the Pension Fund received its own funds in the amount of 33687.0 thousand., Or 100.5% planned target. Compared to the same period last year increased by own revenues 7808.9 thousand. or 130.1%.


5.Temp increase (decrease) in sales of industrial products to the same period last year (preliminary data) was 85.1%.


In January-September 2011 industrial enterprises of the region are included in the basic range, sold products in the amount - 785.3 thous., Representing 62.7% of target for 2011.


6.Temp increase (decrease) in exports to the corresponding period of the previous year (I half of 2011) was 402.9%.


7.Koefitsiyent cover export import (I half of 2011) is 0.67.


8.Temp increase (decrease) in retail trade turnover of the corresponding period of the previous year was 123.1%.


In January-September 2011, retail trade turnover amounted to 242,353.8 thousand., Which is 23.1% more than the same period last year. Retail trade turnover per capita amounted to 10843.6 USD.


9.Obsyah services sold from January to August 2011 amounted to 201,351.7 thousand., Representing 132.7% of the corresponding period last year.


The absolute increase in the volume of sales of services per unit of population in January-August 2011 to the same period last year amounted to 2213.7 USD.


10.Pryrist (decrease) of the population before the year in January-June 2011 was 0.77%.


In recent years, there is a tendency to increase in population, in January-August 2011 the total increase in population was 172 persons to 48 persons more than in the same period of 2010 roku.Kilkist born in January-August 2011 amounted to 267 people, which is 61 person more than in the corresponding period of 2010. Number of deaths of persons in January-August 2011 amounted to 182 persons for four persons less than in the same period of 2010.


11.Serednomisyachna salary of one full-time employee in January-June 2011 amounted to 2065.0 UAH., Which is 114.2% of the corresponding period last year.


12.Seredniy pensions Regional century. on 01.10.2011 amounted to 1147.66 USD., which is 109.4% of the corresponding period last year.


13.Za January-September 2011 was created 872 units of new jobs, representing 86.3% of the annual task.


However, nine "Five months of 2011, there are a number of socio-economic indicators that affect the overall assessment of the region, namely:

- According to statistics, as of 01.10.2011r. arrears of wages at the enterprises of the main range of our region stanovyla62,5tys.hrn., which decreased compared to the beginning of the year to 63.1% .Dana debt allowed Ltd. "West-Wood" which carries on activities and are economically inactive .

- Rate of increase (decrease) in arrears of premiums economically active payers to the Pension Fund of Ukraine was 83.5%.

- Due to payment of the budget of the Fund as of 01.10.2011 is 204.2 thousand.


Debt economically active payers century .. on 01.10.2011 is 204.2 thousand. Compared to 01.01.2011 year debt (135.4 thous.) Increased by 68.8 thousand.

The biggest debtors of the Pension Fund are:

Ltd. joint venture "Wes Wood" - 35.8 thousand.

Ltd. joint venture "Vorokhta forest company" - 20.9 thousand.

SAP MM Kritsak - 13.5 thousand.

DOC UL "Ukraine" - 25.7 thousand.

DP SP "Yaremche" - 8.4 thousand.


The rate of increase (decrease) in tax debt for tax payers liabilities in the consolidated budget before the year is 136.0%.


As of 01.10.2011, the tax debt payments to the budget amounted to - 554.9 thous., Including local budget - 486.4 thousand., the number of the debtor - 11. Tax debt to consolidated budget compared to 01.01.2011. increased by 108.4 thous., including the local budget to 43.5 thousand. The main debtors are: CJSC "Rod" - 3.1 thousand., SPD Sorohmanyuk IV - 9,2 thous., LTD "Augur" - 13.6 thousand, SPD Mogilevich V. 7.0 thous., Ltd. "West-Lisbud" - 24.7 thous., JV "West Wood" - 98.8 thous., LTD "Kozachok - Bukovel" - 31.6 thousand .hrn., LTD "Noveks House" - 80.4 thous., PCF "Vuhlekontrakt" - 0.7 thousand., MLC UL "Ukraine" - two claims in the amount of 38.4 thousand., SPD Semkiv IS - Three claims in the amount of 14.4 thousand.

- The number of reported crimes in 10 thousand. Population was 42.3 units.


Number of crimes directly related to the number of tourists in the region, which for the first nine months of 2011, there were 810.4 thousand. People. That according affect the rate of crime, which is calculated on the number of local people (22.2 thousand people) .


- Average population according to statistics in the region as 01.10.2011r.skladaye 22.345 thousand. People.


According to the balance of labor resources in their number remains within 12.545 thousand. People. Registered bezrobittyastanom on 01.10.2011 amounted to 2.99%, which compared to the same period last year increased by 0.13%.


Department of Economy and Industry executive committee



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