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Increase the sale of real estate in the US to help decorators



Sell real estate in the US today is not easy, because many landlords and their brokers are looking for various innovative ways to attract the attention of potential buyers. One of these techniques - home decoration. It agree, to sell a particular house, it should immediately appeal to the buyer. So, today, more and increasingly popular professional decorators who a few days can turn an ordinary house in the ... home of your dreams. So decorator profession in the United States becomes a fashion trend.

Decorator Gloria Crowley carefully decide which furniture and decor items to take from his refuge in the suburbs of Washington,

"We choose furniture for the house, so he looked in his full glory."

Crowley is working with real estate agents, her work - to make sure that the house passed the comfort of home, but potential buyers got a good first impression.

"About 15 years ago I was a real estate agent and decorated their own facilities, they sold faster and more expensive. Over time, other agents have asked me to prepare their items for sale, and now I'm just that and engaged, "- says Gloria.

Interior designer Dzhaniya Helm still decorated homes for sales orders. She began working with Crowley three years ago.

No official statistics, but their experiences Crowley shows that the practice of decorating real estate for sale is very popular. One reason - the market has become more competitive.

"If one block on sale ten houses, the first prodastsya one that has the best interior" - shares his experience Gloria.

Some homes do not require a lot of work, other required complete renovation. However, the estate agent Evelyn Mattar said that these costs are paid by the sale:

"Renovated house sold quickly. So the object is less time on the market, and sellers do not have extra time to pay the mortgage. "

Industry veteran with 26 years of experience Evelyn adds that decorating homes for sale is an important element, as more customers use the service virtual tour:

"If you go to the page and see a virtual tour of an empty house, you can not even see the proportions of the object and imagine themselves in the house. If the buyer does not like how the object looks like virtuality, he never comes to see him with my own eyes. "

After Crowley quits - once empty house looks perfect. A potential buyer John Young came to inspect the house with his family:

"We took a virtual tour to see the layout of the house. This is the house we are looking for. "

Young says that before you buy, it will look even more objects. However, due to a positive first impression, this house remains among the winners.

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