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Ivano-Frankivsk water is not chlorinated



Ivano-Frankivsk drinking water disinfected grade A sodium hypochlorite, chlorine and not dangerous.

So far this is the only city in Ukraine, where the water is purified with chlorine is not clear, and his compound.

In sodium hypochlorite Ivano-Frankivsk water utility went reluctantly - chlorine was deficient. A compound they use currently available and much safer.

According to public utilities, now Ivano-Frankivsk can sleep peacefully, because there disappeared the threat of accidents associated with leakage of chlorine.

Told us the chief engineer KP "Ternopilvodokanal" Roman Romanov, this innovation neighbors he knew, but he said it does not suit us.

The fact that in Ivano-Frankivsk povehnevi use of water, and in Ternopil - water from underground wells. Accordingly, we have - other technology of water treatment, wastewater treatment plants. Therefore, the introduction of a "know-how", he said in Ternopil impossible. And accidents due to leakage of chlorine in the last 5 years we were registered.

However, chlorine from abroad declined not because of technical reasons, but because it is harmful to human health.



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