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List of best cities to live in Ukraine. Ivano-Frankivsk - third!!



List of the best city to live in UKRAINE . Ivano-Frankivsk - THIRD . Coloma - Thirty-fourth .

As part of a large-scale study of cities and towns of Ukraine held the next rank. This year, in addition to traditional points for a favorable environment, infrastructure, employment, and other components of the good life, participating cities receive an assessment of business activity.

Unlike last year , when he was focused on the business potential is given that experts predict another wave of crisis , experts focused on real business achievements towns.


It is because of his business success in this year's rankings was the first line of Kharkiv. According to this index , which reflects the number of registered private enterprises, as well as providing residents with new jobs, Kharkiv Kyiv gave primacy only .

During the year, the city managed to strengthen its position indicators such as average wages and tourist attraction. Not yields the first capital of the championship in the field of education, which year by getting this criterion, the maximum number of points.


Kharkiv - the first city in Eastern Ukraine , who managed to lead the ranking of the best cities to live. Until three years in a row in the list of the top lines occupied Ivano -Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Lviv pysheFokus .


New Requirements


Another feature of this year's rating was adjusted approach to assessing the infrastructure of the participating cities . In addition to kindergartens , schools, hospitals and markets in this test included a number of supermarkets , shopping centers and sports complexes. Into consideration facility specific area : supermarkets and sports complexes with a total area of at least 1.5 thousand square meters. m, and the SEC - at least 4 thousand square meters. of


The revised this year and the index of the ecological state of the city. Experts have determined not only the state of water, soil and air, but also take into account the traffic load , types and levels of pollution , and other individual characteristics of cities. Cities with the best environment this year was Perejaslav -Khmelnitsky . The worst ecological situation , according to experts in Krivoy Rog. Cities with the best environment this year was Perejaslav -Khmelnitsky . The worst ecological situation , according to experts in Krivoy Rog.


But the city with the best salary remains Enerhodar - are receiving an average of over 4 thousand. At the same time, the city is one of the highest unemployment rates . It is a large number of unemployed residents among cities - participants Netishyn rankings .


Shifter forces


Interestingly, last year's leader , Lviv , significantly lowered the list - up to 14 lines. This decline is due primarily to the fact that the other participating cities have improved their ranking results and up to several positions, leaving behind former leader . In addition, some indicators have fallen sharply so that even lions were not allowed to stay in the top ten. In particular , the year the crime rate in the city increased by almost 2.5 times.


Top 10 Illichivs'k left and Yalta. In the latter, by the way , this year was the most expensive real estate in Ukraine . Square meter studio apartment on the Black Sea cost at least 2.2 thousand dollars - $ 100 more expensive than in the capital.

Breakthrough rating was Slavutich that compared to last year rose by 28 steps and was in tenth place. In this city one of the highest costs of municipal budget per person, relatively inexpensive real estate and a good level of housing services . In the Slavutych lowest of the studied cities crime rate - 10 thousand people here accounts for just over 46 crime. Even more to improve their position in the ranking Slavutych prevent too low business activity .


The highest ranking lost in Chernihiv, which fell from 11th to 44th place. During the year, almost all of its indicators have deteriorated half. In particular , this year Chernigov significantly reduced budget expenditures per citizen. And even despite the fact that the average salary is increased compared to 2009 at 200 USD, it is significantly less than in other cities.


Newcomers this year's rankings were just three cities: Kuznecovsk , Southern and Komsomolsk. Thus residents Kuznetsovskaya compared with the population of other cities of the same quality rating provided by utilities. And in the South to one citizen from the city budget spent most money . In addition, low crime and unemployment helped the city with a population of only just over 28 thousand right to be on the 13th of the list .






city ​​Name

1 Kharkov

2 Kyiv

3 Ivano -Frankivsk

4 Chernivtsi

5 Mukachevo

6 Sevastopol

7 Odessa

8 Uzhgorod

9 Vinnitsa

10 Slavutych

11 Dnepropetrovsk

12 Simferopol

13 Mikhail Youzhny

14 Lviv

15 Khmelnitsky

16 Ternopil

17 Donetsk

18 levels

19 Zaporozhye

20 Poltava

21 Yalta

22 Illichivs'k

23 Kamenetz -Podolsk

24 Borispol

25 amounts

26 Luck

27 Kuznetsovsk

28 Krivoy Rog

29 Truskavec

30 Brovary

31 Nikolaev

32 Komsomolsk

33 Yevpatoriia

34 Coloma

35 White Church

36 Cherkasy

37 Juzhnoukrainsk

38 Kirovograd

39 Kherson

40 Zhytomyr

41 Uman

42 Alushta

43 Kerch

44 Chernigov

45 Enerhodar

46 Myrgorod

47 Irpin

48 Perejaslav -Khmelnitsky

49 Lugansk

50 Mariupol

51 Melitopol

52 Theodosius

53 Kremenchug

54 Netishin

55 Artemivsʹk

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