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Марина Куявська

  • Phone: +38 067 1503270
  • Phone 2: +38 050 0268856
  • E-mail: maryna[a]
  • Skype: realtor_if


Контакти Ріелтора Марина

An article about the real estate agency " Agent " rent


Real estate agency " Agent " was founded in 2006. The convenient location of our office in the center of the Ivano -Frankivsk , advantageous for newcomers and visitors to the city . The main scope of our business to provide services for the sale , purchase, renting of residential and commercial properties , land and suburban areas in the Ivano- Frankivsk region. Zadavshys aim to form a civilized attitude in real estate based on the principle of transparency in relations with customers Academy " Agent " gathered reliable and professional team. Honey estate transaction is purely a private matter , so full respect for confidentiality inherent in our work. To sell , buy , exchange , rent an apartment , a room , not the living room or home people come to real estate for solve this problem by yourself is very difficult. With the wealth of human property is one of the most expensive because the transactions it requires great skill. Contacting a real estate agency is seeking help from professionals, it saves time and nerves is to obtain optimal results. The database of our estate agency you will find the most comprehensive and objective information , real cheap offers residential, commercial and other property. AN " Agent " offers its customers an exclusive photo directory objects , allowing self- assess, choose a property with numerous options offer legal assistance at closing , justifying the cost of services at each stage. Our primary goal is to provide all participants hundred-percent guarantee agreement. We continuously grow develop , actively working on the quality of our services. We love the work we try to be the best in everything . We are responsible for the work that you assign to us , to achieve your goals result of our efforts. We thank all our customers for being with dignity appreciated our professionalism. We are confident that the Academy " Agent " You will always find a reliable partner in the market. Our motto "Reliability . Honesty. Professionalism. "


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