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This is you need to know at purchase of real estate !!!

You need to know when buying real estate!


Faced with the challenge of buying or selling an apartment, you probably already realize that the very solve this problem very easily. In order to save effort, time and money is much easier to contact the experts who are professionally involved in real estate. According to statistics, today over 60% of real estate in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk purchased up with estate agents. In our town a lot of private companies and brokers working in this area, however, the latter was much less than before. To date, the vast majority of citizens who wish to buy an apartment as a result of using the services of real estate agencies, but at the beginning of the process of selection of apartment buyers have the illusion that cope with the problem themselves. After parting with this illusion, they nevertheless continue to the old tactic, namely watching all interested in their apartment with just anyone I meet to view apartments with agents at targets on the ground. Then, just picked up the apartment, they see the "office" agency, if any, and realize who contacted, but too late. Then these "cobblers without boots" involved controlling the discharge, payment of utility bills, paperwork, release flats etc.


How to solve this problem? First of all, you must understand that the process of selection of accommodation consisting of two consecutive operations: Providing information to the customer agency interested in his real estate for sale. Verification of documents and so -called "support" agreement.


Let us consider them in order:


With regard to the provision of information, it must be aware that the information, as well as many others - the better it is, the more expensive it got. Some of Sciences of simply buying newspapers so you can get a small number of apartments, "which everyone knows". But to obtain information about the apartment a little better and more you have to pay for the publication of announcements of buying apartments in the newspaper, pay for pasting ads on street billboards, pay home secretaries. This is quite a round sum every month, so that the agency that provides real choice for low-cost flats will never take half price for their services, because if it can provide an apartment for 200-300 dollars. cheaper, the customer will still pay generally 5%. Agency - "obzvonschiki newspapers" in their contracts usually do not indicate the size of the fee in this column in their contracts is blank, but on the royalty savvy "individual ", ie assess whether the solvency of the customer's clothing, vehicle, level of naivety and then already in the blanks put down a number of interest of the agency.


Support of the agreement.


Recently, many companies were generously giving away their clients guarantee certificates, certificates of maintenance agreements and other similar documents. They swear to guarantee the purity of the agreement of all its assets. But the fact that the insurance of real estate transactions - is a type of insurance business, the service of insurance companies, Ivano-Frankivsk is about 100 USD. and demand is extremely rare, because experts are almost always visible when the document "problem " and they do not progress the transaction. Insurance companies have millions of registered funds, long history, and not the company, who are a year or two and have to balance two chairs and an old computer, ensure that all of their possessions, especially all documents flats for sale are made by relevant organizations: TIB, notaries, sometimes executive committee and others., and real estate draws nothing, it only controls as yet no court Ukraine never blamed for apartment troubles in real estate.


Separately want to draw your attention to the settlement procedures of the Agency. Some real estate agents are trying to have an advance when making the deposit or when you make an order for the apartment. It is clear that lend money for almost started with uncertain prospects of its outcome, at least naive. Moreover, that agency staff that ensure a positive outcome is still no power over the thoughts and actions of buyers and sellers. By paying even a portion of the lead and for all, you become a hostage tied only to this real estate agency and depriving yourself of the right to choose other real estate agents through a suitable apartment or the right you effectively selling your apartment through another real estate company.


How can you still decide ? - You ask.


Very simple - choose a reputable and large firms existing for at least 5 years. In this company your fee will not make the weather, employees value their place and career company - reputation, so no one will " polish roughness " paperwork. Not just looking at license agents, but do not hesitate to call the office to check if it works in the company this person. Evaluate and office itself, you do not order your boots to sew barefoot shoemaker and flat - something serious boots. In short your vigilance you can not replace a tie vows and promises.


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