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This is you need to know when selling real estate !!!

This need to know when selling real estate !

Before each vendor apartments sooner or later become the next choice: Sell apartment itself, giving ads in newspapers and putting up ads, called a few agencies, informing them of the sale of his apartment, signed an exclusive agreement to sell their apartments with one, but a reliable and respectable agency.

In terms of efficiency and protection from crime, the first two methods are not much different. According to the public relations center of the Interior Ministry 87% of criminal manifestations in real estate due to the purchase and sale of apartments without real estate agencies. The third way, which is not by chance that opted for the 97% of Muscovites and 78% of Kiev, and will give you a number of advantages, which you should read. Seller protection from crime and unprofessional.

Unfortunately, most real estate agencies Ivano-Frankivsk to date does not have authority in the population, in the absence of normal office that is easy to find, and from which the agency did not move out in a month, after the sale of your flat, low-skilled workers and the integrity of their leadership and the reluctance to spend money on advertising. The only chance to get the customer from such firms - is to promise to sell your apartment at unrealistic price, and there "to take out the curve."

Also today, there are cases when the real estate transaction are contested and contentious. This is due both fraudulent brokers, criminal elements, and because of the presence on the market a lot of Dodgers - unprofessional, but arrogant and annoying. Giving information in several real estate agencies, instead of meeting with customers, you risk running into a scam or bandits. You cannot even understand what is happening - whether the information was leaked, or one of the potential buyers decided to buy your apartment by fraud. Only if you enter into an exclusive contract and hand over the documents to Storage Company is fully responsible for your safety. Once the scammers know that the apartment and signed an exclusive contract documents are stored in the Academy, they will not take an interest in you and your apartment.

Protection of the economic and legal interests of the seller.

If, God forbid, you will have surgery, you do not contact "well, for your very good friend" surgeons who, however, practiced at home. Good clinic with medications, equipment, experts are not less important than the professional real estate agency, where there are tried and tested technology, lawyers, security, the successful conduct and completion of real estate transactions.

The experience and professionalism of staff ensures the success of the transaction. Real estate agency insure you will not give offense. Dishonesty buyer suddenly arisen complications random error agent and other possible nuances passage transaction will not affect you, as the whole course of the transaction are strictly managed by the firm. Therefore, we recommend formalize relations with the company exclusive contract. It was after the conclusion of such an agreement, you immediately become not just one of the sellers in the real estate market and the customer entitled to any free advice related to the sale of the apartment ( legal, marketing, tax, etc.). Our agency guarantees the seller obtaining and verifying the money before signing the contract.

Realistic assessment of the best apartments and market orientation.

Agent who looked your apartment or just heard the description and immediately called the exact price - not a professional. Professional realtors to evaluate and inspect the apartment call up the apartment in your neighborhood, revealing than they are better, which have drawbacks. Realtors analyze market expectations, supply and demand, the prices of actual sales, rather than the offer price specified in the printed catalogs. Such a detailed marketing allows you to realistically assess the apartment buyer show all its advantages in comparison with similar and sell the flat for a maximum price. To in the shortest time to sell the apartment for a maximum price, need much work on its evaluation, analysis counterparts, market research, and this is due to the effort and time agent. This service is possible if the client is willing to give an exclusive contract.

Save time and reduce unnecessary contact.

Dealer, calling all the agencies Streak is like a man standing on the many hours of Sumy and shouting: "sell the apartment! ". Only the case will give him the opportunity to sell the apartment (and not for the best price and strong risk). It also follows that in the case of sale of an apartment after a large number of people will know that the apartment was sold and was sold - a conclusion for you. Authorizing the sale of a professional agent of a reliable firm, you save time, gains privacy and get rid of contacts with "uninvited guests" and "pseudo-mates" - reputable firms they sidestep.

An effective advertising.

Signed an exclusive agreement, the company and the agent provide your apartment most complete and general advertising. With exclusive advertising covers the maximum number of information sources: Apartment "exclusively" ( it means - tested, reliable) advertised in all professional publications on real estate. Used unconventional advertising schemes. Senior agent analyzes the necessity of placing information about the apartment plan, advertising in local media. Such vast outlay of money on advertising, time and effort to study the situation only possible if the company is confident that you cooperate only with her.

Opportunity to sell the apartment at the maximum price.

The buyer knows that the history of exclusive apartments sold through a reliable company has been carefully checked, and therefore willing to pay more for them. Knowing that the apartment is checked, the agents offer it to their customers in the first place, even if it costs a little more. Professional agents know that trained apartments that can be bought without "problems" in the market a bit. It gives the seller a chance to get a higher price than if he sold his apartment without an exclusive contract. Signed an exclusive agreement, and will spend money and Estate Agency time checking apartment to prepare her for the sale, and the buyer is willing to pay for your peace of mind even slightly higher than the market price.

Opportunity to work with an experienced professional agent.

Many of today's Realtors - Kharkov intelligentsia, mainly technical (engineering). If the client refuses the exclusive contract, then he will not impose this form of work and will not say that it will not work. Customer hears: "Well, it’ll work like that," but then people are surprised that the agent does not call for two weeks and pays little attention to the sale of the apartment. Not an exclusive agreement, you can choose the way to this "service ". The agent will not be wasting your time without mutual obligations. Signed an exclusive agreement with the Academy, and you will get a professional efficient service, commitment on the part of the company and the agent.

Benefits of an integrated service for customers.

Most apartments are both sellers and buyers. It is very difficult to combine the sale of their old apartment with the selection of a new Statement, upon the date of liberation apartments trace the payment of utility bills, bank statements, etc. When engaged in this Academy, it organizes all these negotiations and processes to ensure that all transactions at the same time, while excluding the risk of multiple transfer of money and other unpleasant things. Signed an exclusive agreement, and you get rid of many problems, and now the security of their transactions.


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