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НЕОПУБЛІКОВАНО: #15873: Ivano-Frankivsk, district Center, Leased commercial premises in the central market

Leased commercial premises in the central market
12 000 грн for all
commission 50%
Property: Commercial Real Estate


type of property: trade area
type of deals: rent
  • Building
  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Readiness: normality

  • Total area: 60 m²

  • Floor: 1/2

  • Facade: facing the street
  • Walls: brick
  • Canalization: central
  • Water: central
  • Heating: autonomous - electric boiler

  • Сlass: A

Additional Information

Leased warehouse space in the central grocery market on the Dnistrovskaya street, an approximate area of ​​60 meters (two refrigerating chambers of 22 and 10 meters, equipped with two refrigerated monoblocks designed to maintain the temperature in the cell +4 degrees and a 24-meter shopping mall equipped with air conditioning, office rooms with a warm floor, furniture and heating.In the refrigerators have specialized thermo-doors, supply and exhaust ventilation, on the walls of the installation of sandwich panels of polyurethane foam thickness 12 cm; in all premises there is a video surveillance with access to the view through the Internet provider; there is a separate bathroom; the existing auxiliary equipment is a large transport wheelbarrow, weight, rolla, advertising banners, ramp for loading and unloading works

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