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Real Estate Agency "Realtor" is this:

-   the largest base for the sale and rental of real estate

-   favorable terms of cooperation for sellers and buyers

-   consulting and legal support

-   qualified staff

TOP selling apartments

Квартири в зданих Новобудовах з хорошим плануванням 39000 USD for all
#4017: Apartments in new buildings delivered with good planning
New building, house buildings, inhabited by elevator, independent heating, gas boiler, all counters, plate, rooms are spacious, bright, two large glass balconies, a nice quiet area along the river, st...
Квартира по вулиці Бельведерська 39000 USD for all
#8813: The apartment is on the street Bel«veders«ka
Urgent sale of a large apartment in a newly built building in the heart of the city. The cost of the apartment includes a boiler and an electric wiring, metal-plastic windows with energy-saving double...
Дворівнева квартира з котлом та чорновим ремонтом в Сонячному у першій черзі 29000 USD for all
#12374: Two-level apartment with rough and boiler repair in Sunny in first stage
Urgently selling excellent two-level apartment in a luxury complex Sunny zhytolovomu in the neighborhood Bam. The price includes: gas boiler "Ariston", installation«s heating, copper electrical wiring...
Квартира з автономним опаленням та якісим євроремонтом по вулиці Юності 17999 USD for all
#13713: Apartment with autonomous heating and some of them are renovated on the street Yunitsy
For sale 2 bedroom apartment in a brick house on the street Yunitsy. Apartment with separate rooms and high-quality euro renovation, which was done for yourself, the roof and the front of the house ar...
Квартира яка повністю готова до проживання в самому центрі міста по вулиці Пилипа Орлика 56000 USD for all
#13994: The apartment is completely ready for living in the heart of the city on the street Pylyp Orlyk
Modern 2 bedroom apartment for sale in a new house in the heart of Ivano-Frankivsk on Pylyp Orlyk Street. Rooms are separate, individual gas heating, renovation, on the floor laminate flooring and cer...
Квартири з дорогим ремонтом в центрі міста 140000 USD for all
#225: apartment with expensive repairs in the city center
Sale 3 bedroom apartment in the center of elitynym renovated, 45 m2 terrace, repairs made in the Greek style furniture (Italian), expensive plumbing, underfloor heating throughout the apartment, windo...
квартири в центрі міста, квартира в ПРЕСТИЖНОМУ будинку 58000 USD for all
#1801: apartment in the city center apartment in a prestigious building
New buildings, raw, all counters, gas boiler for a fee, a beautiful city views. AUCTION!
Кафе 115000 USD for all
#1409: Cafe
Buy business!! Cafe in the center of town!! The room is 31 sq.m. 15 seats + Summer terrace of 19 seats (can work in winter) + Repair!! + All necessary equipment and furniture!:. Bought and tomorrow wo...

TOP rental apartments

Оренда квартир в самому центрі міста 250 USD per month
#5900: Apartments for rent in the city center stometrovku
Rent an apartment in the city center. Currently the apartment there are all new modern furniture and appliances, two dressing rooms.
Оренда двокімнатної квартири в новобудові на вулиці Галицька  з гаражем 220 USD per month
#10809: Rent two-bedroom apartment in a new building on the street Galician
Apartment with separate rooms in the new building with fenced territory, renovation, vkomplektovana modern furniture, all appliances (gas stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, vacuum ...
Здам комфортну квартиру 250 грн per day
#5251: Rent a comfortable apartment
The apartment has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Fully equipped with all furniture, TV, cable TV, Wi-Fi internet access, washing machine, fridge, stove, iron, ironing board, kettle, hair ...
Квартира в оренду в мікрорайоні Пасічна по вулиці Целевича 200 USD per month
#6304: Apartment for rent in district beekeeping Street Tselevycha
Apartment in new building is renovated, there are all the furniture and all modern appliances, WiFi, heated floors.

TOP selling mansions

Котеджі будівництво та земельні ділянки в котеджному масиві Нова Гута 1 USD for all
#4465: Construction of cottages and land in a cottage array Nova Huta
Nova Guta - a unique cottage village near Ivano-Frankivsk. Fresh air, crystal water, coniferous Black Forest. This is the only recreational residential area in the suburbs of Ivano-Frankivsk where bo...
Продається будинок в передмісті Івано-Франківська Нерухомість Івано-Франківська 37000 USD for all
#103: Selling a house in a suburb of Ivano-Frankivsk Real Estate Ivano-Frankivsk
The house is located in Tysmenytsia town. 220m2, 10 acres of land, covered with tin, privatized land, communications in the area, without windows and doors, not shtukaturenyy, Garage, 6 km Frankivsk.
Будинок в Карпатах: Івано-Франківськ, Яремче - Буковель 50000 USD for all
#357: House in the Carpathians: Ivano-Frankivsk, Yaremche - Bukovel
Cottage is ready for 100 percent of all the facilities available rentals. Nepodalk the river, jumps to 1 km, pryemni susudy. Wonderful nature and clean mountain air. By Bukovelya 15 km.
Продаж будинків для відпочинку або сільсікого господарства дешево 12000 USD for all
#1821: Sales of vacation homes or farms silsikoho cheap
Wooden lived hut, 20 km. from Frankivsk, 60 m2, ground, 40 hundred., residential status, gas, light, 2 basements, stryh, barn, fence, (corridor, kitchen, bathroom, corridor), convection, oven.

TOP rental of mansions

Здаю в оренду Елітний двохповерховий особняк 600 USD per month
#3636: For rent storey mansion
For rent townhouse with renovated, independent heating, renovation, new modern furniture, all appliances (fridge, 4 TVs, washing machine, microwave, kettle, crockery partially), underfloor heating on ...
Оренда комфортного особняка 5000 грн per month
#5099: Rent a comfortable mansion
Comfortable renovated mansion , autonomous gas boiler is a separate heater for hot water and gas convector heating , new modern furniture, all appliances ( refrigerator, TV , washing machine, microwav...
Оренда особняків в Івано-Франківську 8000 грн per month
#4891: Rental villas in Ivano-Frankivsk
For rent renovated mansion, heating, renovation, new modern furniture, all appliances (fridge, 3 plasma TV, washing machine, microwave, kettle, dishes), underfloor heating, kitchen, bathroom, hallway,...
Здам особняк в оренду в Івано-Франківську нерухомість. 2800 грн per month
#199: Rent a Mansion to rent in Ivano-Frankivsk property
I rent a mansion for rent, renovation, heating, furniture, refrigerator, TV, internet, washing machine, own yard, "I place for cars.

Top offices

Оренда офісу в центрі терміново 2500 грн for all
#13932: Rent an office in the center urgently
Rent an office in the city center near the Town Hall and TsUM, separate room on the third floor with its own bathroom, metal windows, security of the building, heating electric - heater, counters for ...
Продається офісне приміщення в центрі міста біля 37500 USD for all
#2373: For sale office space in the city center near the
Without repair, office is on the fifth floor, lift rides to the fourth floor. The actual area is much greater for documents - office space, non-residential purposes.
Оренда офісного приміщення. Центр. 12000 грн for all
#11780: Renting office space. Center.
Renting office space in the street Ticino. In the building is renovated. All communications (heating, light, water) online. Bathroom.

TOP commercial real estate

ТЕРМІНОВО ! Продаться діючий магазин. 53000 USD for all
#11435: URGENT! For sale operating shop.
URGENT! Sale commercial space on the street Vovchynetska. With an area of 60m2. Made hroshyy renovation, all communications are conducted and connected. Room with good lighting and good planning. Larg...
Продаж приміщення в центрі по вул. Незалежності добре підійшло б під клініку, офіс, виставковий зал, магазин 80000 USD for all
#11111: Sale of a room in the center on the street. Independence would fit well under the clinic
Sale of a room in the center on the street. Independence Space District, ground floor, facade, renovated old, room has many windows, high traffic of cars, near bus stop and parking for cars. Area 145 ...
Цілісний майновий комплекс 1 грн for all
#242: Integral property complex
Integral property complex - Ivano-Frankivsk. Ivano-Frankivsk, Hryplynskyy promuzel Selling shares (61.9%) of the integral property complex (JSC), a possible sale / lease of certain premises. Prop...
Шикарний готельно-ресторанний комплекс в мальовничому с. Рибне 1 USD for all
#10772: Chic hotel and restaurant in the picturesque village. Fish
Hotel restorannnyy komples in a quiet suburb of Ivano-Frankivsk, chic modern design, large, spacious panoramic rooms, fireplace, promising bet for holiday, birthday parties, corporate events, weddings...

Top garage

Продається гараж Івано-Франківськ 5000 USD for all
#11906: Garage sale in Ivano-Frankivsk
The first floor of the brick, the second floor of the block, covered with slate, first floor filled with concrete screed, window metal, new garage door with a good lock four anchors, stairs - natural ...
продається гараж в Івано-Франківську 10200 USD for all
#2446: продається гараж в Івано-Франківську
Продається гараж в новобудові на 50 гаражів. Приватизований
Продається цегляний гараж в районі вокзалу 8000 USD for all
#4018: Brick garage sale near Station
Sold brick garage near the station, the cooperative Lokomotiv. The total area of ​​21 m2. New building, screed.

TOP land

Продається дачна ділянка з будинком біля Івано-Франківська - ЕКСКЛЮЗИВНА ЦІНА!!! 18000 USD for all
#5431: Outdoor sale plot with house - Exclusive price
Land for sale in Nova Guta (act of state ownership of land) of country houses (technical certificate and the certificate of title to the house). Piped supply. Cozy neighborhood lived, near the forest ...
Земельна ділянка в екологічному куточку Івано-Франківська 2000 USD
#4440: Land in ecological corner of Ivano-Frankivsk
Land Sq. 18 cells. under construction. Nova Huta - the only recreational residential area in the suburbs of Ivano-Frankivsk which combines both modern communication, impeccable entrances and clean ai...
 земельна ділянка під авто мийку, шино монтаж, офісні приміщення 38000 USD for all
#3002: Land under car wash, tire fitting, office space
Land for car wash, tire fitting, office space for sale. 7 hundredths on the street Naberezhnaya (first row) all communications are present.
земля під будівництво 1 USD for all
#6099: land for construction
Areas earmarked for the construction of which are s.Vovchynets, near the former Bazaar "Anatole" next to the new prestigious area of modern villas are also close to the river Bistrica Nadvirnianska an...